furry artist / animator / musician :)

basic info

💜 kittydog / kd / zola 💜
💜20 yrs old [born feb 6, 2003]💜
💜 she/her + they/them + others 💜

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about me

- i am nonbinary and bi / pan. im also a poc (half black half pacific islander)
- i am very passionate about my characters and universe they are from.
- i am diagnosed with ADHD and autism, and tend to hyperfixate and stim / have echolalia phrases.
- i aspire to create an animated series of my characters sometime in my life c:
- i am in an irl long term monogamous relationship (forgot to update that in my carrd for more than a year SOBZ)
- iim A Cringe furry!!!!!!! zomg XXXDDDDDDDDfjksdhfgdgjdfgd weoooooo
- my fav colors are pink, purple, and blue!
i'm very into brightly colored, gradienty aesthetics c:
- i call my fans my waffles! waffle waffl e waffle waffle waf wa waaawawawa awawa waaaa

about my content

- Warning: while some of my content is teen rated [13+], some of it is suggestive / mature [16+ or 18+].- i use many different applications to make art, animation, and music.animation: adobe flash/animate, flipaclip, blender, CSP
art: procreate, firealpaca, medibang, paint tool sai
music: fl studio, beepbox, audacity, voloco, bandlab
sometimes i like to try out others!
- i have many characters and an OC multiverse. I plan to do a lot more in the future with my OCs than is public now,
but you can currently see and learn about them a bit on my page and the fanmade kittydog oc's wiki.
- I mainly post animation on youtube, art on twitter, and music on spotify / soundcloud.


Do not interact with me if you:- are racist, sexist, ableist,
- pro-harassment, suibaiting
- anti-recovery
- pro-pedophilia / zoophilia / necrophilia
- support proship NSFW
- anti-furry
- only want to use me for clout
if u are one of these ppl and u choose to interact anyway ill probably either block, or i will just Look Away, (i might interact if i need to depending on the situation)

before you interact with me you should know:
- I make sexual jokes and memes, and I reclaim and say some slurs. I try to respect ppl's boundaries if they're uncomfortable with me saying those type of things around them.
- I have certain mental issues that I'm still questioning, and am trying to work through with professional help.
- I am an inclusionist when it comes to gender and I support xenogenders, neoprounouns, and "contradictory" labels (im literally a bi/pan and pangender / genderfluid person.) [I do not support hateful labels.]
I don't want to involve myself in LGBT+ discourse.
- I am not a proshipper or antishipper, i believe both sides are abusive. Please do not involve me in this discourse.
- Some of my content may have triggering themes. I try to warn and tag general triggers, but some of my older content might not have warnings.


these are ways for ppl to donate to or buy things from me, to support me financially ^^

oooh ohhh yeahh make it rain bay bee make it rian. im losing my mind you rly dont have to buy anything from me but lol u can if you want :)))))))

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2022 UPDATE: i havent edited my kinlist for a long ass fuckin time bro . im getting rid of this shit /gen

Statement on my toxic past

TW: CSA and abuse

I am a CSA / abuse victim who's spent most of my child and teen years posting content online.My trauma of being groomed into abusive mindsets (pedophilia, zoophilia, and rape) as a kid is public for anyone online to see.Being a public figure, having those mindsets turned me into an abuser causing some of my former friends and fans trauma as well.Since 2018, I've left my abusers. I am in therapy and strive to be a better person every day. I am still healing, and want to promote healing for those like me.I deeply regret having hurt others. I don't expect to be forgiven,
I cannot undo the pain I've caused, all I can do is apologize sincerely to them, and strive to change.
People who were groomed into abusive mindsets deserve help, therapy, rehabilitation- not harassment or exclusion from society.Don't talk to me if you harass victims healing from toxic pasts.Victims deserve to heal and i'll forever stand by that statement.

end page

this is the end page of my carrd! thanks for reading :)

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